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Floods, Warnings, and Exciting Proteins

Calgary has been in the news lately after it’s disastrous floods, and a couple of our contributors happened to be caught up in the chaos. Then we’ll be hearing about ‘climate change warning labels’ and what they could do to change perceptions on climate change, and then about a newly developed source of food in ‘plant-based eggs’, a type of egg made of plant protein that tastes “kind of herby”.

Floods, Warnings, and Exciting Proteins

East Village in Calgary, during the Alberta floods 2013 (credit: Ryan L. C. Quan)

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Climate Change Warning Labels

Rob Shirkey, is the founder of Toronto-based advocacy group Our Horizon.
He wants us to connect the dots between our actions and climate change, and he’s doing it in a unique way. We’ve all seen those cigarette warning photos of diseased gums and lungs. Shirkey takes this idea on a larger scale.

What’s Behind Alberta’s Floods?

It’s brought together a mayor, a premier and a prime minister.
It’s forced over a hundred thousand people from their homes.
Chris Chang-Yen Phillips and Trevor Chow-Fraser have the story on what’s behind the disaster that’s hit Alberta, and what’s ahead.

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Plant-Based Eggs

Which came first? The chicken? Or the egg? In Josh Tetrick’s California-based facility, the eggs they’re scrambling are coming to you from broken-down plant protein. Hampton Creek Foods was founded on the
sensibility of sustainability, and concern for the planet. How to feed a rapidly growing population of more than 7 billion people? Food technology is an undeniable part of our future and Tetrick shares his motives behind creating the first plant based egg.

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What’s Happening

Pet Waste Composting Workshop

On Thursday, June 4th, Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative in Kingston Ontario is hosting a hands-on workshop teaching pet owners how to safely dispose of pet waste.  By outlining how composters, manure digesters, and mini-septic systems work, pet owners can safely break down the waste in their own back yards and provide fertilizer for non-edible trees and bushes. The workshop is free, and all participants will leave with a completed pet waste composter ready to install at home.

Register here.

EPIC: The Sustainable Living Festival (July 6 – 7)

This upcoming weekend of July 6 and 7, EPIC: The Sustainable Living Festival is happening in Vancouver at the VanDusen Botanical Garden. It’s the newest outdoor summer festival celebrating sustainability, culture and community. Join in on an awesome weekend of live music, dozens of beer and wine vendors, delicious eats provided by Green Table restaurants and on-site food trucks, and a huge sustainable living marketplace.

Learn more and buy tickets: or follow the twitter feed @EPIC_Fest