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Book Club: Streetfight


Photo by: Hannah Cunningham

Welcome to book club! This week, Terra Informers Elizabeth Dowdell and Hannah Cunningham chat about Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution by Janette Sadik-Khan and Seth Solomonow. Sadik-Khan is a former commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation, a position she held from 2007 – 2013. The book is part history about her role as commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation, and part description of on the ground lessons that can teach people how to look at streets differently. Hannah and Elizabeth chat about parts of the book that stood out to them, and how they feel about their roles as urban citizens in the ‘streetfight’. 

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Open Streets Festival in Edmonton!

If you were inspired to get in on the streetfight by this week’s episode and want to reclaim some pavement, our local listeners will have the chance to do just that on August 25th from 10am-3pm in downtown Edmonton! Click HERE for more information on the festival.


Microplastics found in snow at various locations globally

 Alamos Gold Mine Protest

Edmonton’s Solar Rebate Program

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Terra Bloga: Green Jobs and Public Transit in Alberta

This week on Terra Bloga Myles expands on David Kaczan’s interview with  city councilor Don Iveson about the recent developments at city hall for the expansion of Edmonton’s light rail transit (LRT) system.

The job creation side of this debate has largely  been ignored or underplayed to date. This is largely because the provincial government has  chosen not to engage in the rhetoric of job creation  or entertain stimulus politics, something  that is pervasive in most other jurisdictions responses to the economic crisis….In addition to the immediate environmental benefits of reducing global carbon emissions and local smog, public transportation, such as the LRT system, offers profound socio-economic benefits in our current economic recession. By investing in public transit development as a combined economic stimulus and climate change policy, both policy goals can be achieved faster and more efficiently.

Lobbying Government, Edmonton´s Transit Expansion, and more on Revolution Wear

Terra Informa January 24 2010 (Listen & Download Here)

Photo By one42chrisp on Flickr

Terra Informa January 24 2010 (Listen & Download Here)

Public Transit in Edmonton may be about to undergo something of a renaissance, at least, if the city Mayor gets his way. Edmonton wants to expand its single light rail line into a comprehensive citywide network. The cost? At least $3 billion, but that hasn’t stopped the Mayor calling for at least three lines to be completed in the next six years. It would be a major shift for this car dominated city, as David Kaczan discovers when he talks to city councillor Don Iveson (blog). Councillor Don Iveson tells Dave about plans to fast-track the $3 billion expansion of Edmonton´s single light rail line into a comprehensive citywide network.

Carrying on the theme of David’s segment Myles blogs about Edmonton’s plans for public transit developments and the potential for green jobs in Alberta.

Here is the inspirational map of Edmonton Transit mentioned in the blog and David’s segment.

The best thing about politics is all the  possibilities for awesome jokes. This week Andy & Rebekah gives us an excellent demonstration of hilarious and educative political humor with a ‘how-to’ on effectively advocating your own environmental concerns with elected officials. Get your pens and pencils ready because this segment is as funny as it is informative &  remember 1)know your issue, 2) communicate effectively 3)be professional.

Last week Jade told us about Revolution Wear (Facebok), a socially and environmentally conscious fashion show at McMaster University. Today she follows up with an interview with Sapphire Singh, one of the show´s founders.All fund raised by this event go back to grassroots organizations, Hamilton Freeskool and OPRIG are the prefered designations for the proceeds of this year’s 7th annual fashion show entitled: “starting from scratch”…

Photo By Ryan Tir

Terra Informa January 24 2010 (Listen & Download Here)