war and the environment

War and the Environment, Climate Justice, and Winter Cycling

This week we look at the impact of armed conflict on the environment. Scott Harris from the Council of Canadians stops by to tell us about People’s Assemblies for Climate Justice, a democratic grass-roots approach to addressing climate change which grew out of the frustration many felt after the failures of last year’s UN negotiations. And veteran winter cyclist Keith Hallgren gives some advice on how to cycling through Canada’s winters in comfort.

People's Assembly to discuss issues of climate change on thee streets of Copenhagen during COP15


Our next segment is about war and the environment. the war in Afghanistan, started after 9/11 in 2001 and the war is still going on. This war is not only the political issue, it also has something to do with environment. This week, Terra’s correspondent Seon-Ah introduces the story environmental story happening in Afghanistan.

The Climate Justice movement garnered global media attention and admiration of activists last year at COP15 in Copenhagen, when they organized a peoples assembly on climate justice to protest the backroom negotiating and develop solutions to the climate crisis. Since then climate justice advocates around the world have been mobilizing their communities and now with COP16 in Cancun quickly approaching group all around the world are holding Peoples Assemblies on Climate Justice to spread the momentum and develop local solutions to the climate crisis. In our next segment Terra Informa corespondent Myles Curry talks to Scott Harris of The Council of Canadians on the background of these assemblies and the organizing happening across Canada.

Well the weather reports are conclusive, winter is really here.  But that doesn’t mean you have to put away your bicycle!  Winter riding is increasing in popularity across Canada, even in norther cities like Edmonton, Alberta.  Rebecca Rooney interviewed Keith Hallgren, an avid winter cyclist and board member of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society about winter cycling.