Alternatives to Nuclear Power in Alberta

Terra Informa is part of a community radio station here in Alberta and we love to hear from our listeners and find ways to further engage them in global and local environmental issues. What all of us here at Terra Informa seek, through our contributions, is a more in depth discussion around environmental issues and a response we received about Davids piece on Nuclear Power urged us to to do just that.

In the letter the listener attests to the importance of debating the environmental consequences but raises objections on the framing of the question.

The first is that Nuclear production of energy is carbon neutral which has been proven to be false.  Secondly it also assumes that we can not meet our electricity needs with true clean energy sources like photo voltaic, wind and Geothermal.  Especially when it comes to Geothermal production of electricity the technology is currently available and is very little reported or explored by the media.The third assumption is that it is desirable to proceed with the pace of digging up a large part of Northern Alberta and burn the fossil fuels if we just use a carbon neutral methods for production.

My objections are based on the facts,  it does not matter if you use carbon neutral methods in the tar sands or burn carbons in the production,  proceeding at the current rate will lead to environmental disaster.  Why add nuclear waste and the environmental disaster this brings to the problem.
This is a great argument it frames the issue to include the abundant possibilities that currently exist and questions the current status quo. In response to your comments we are planning on having an entire show in early February dedicated to geothermal energy (ill post more details soon). Thats not all, we also feel that you make an excellent point on the “desrability” of continuing to use the tar sands as an energy source. As this letter alluded to Alberta has vast potential for renewable power generation that is being under utilized. We want to hear from you, our listeners, about what you think the opportunities are for renewable power. Our geothermal show will be the first in a series of segments im going to produce on the barriers and opportunities to renewable power. So, if you have questions or comments regarding renewable energy in Alberta comment on this blog or send us a message on twitter. Thanks for supporting Terra Informa!

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