Wrapping Up 2021 With Loose Ends

2021 is over already! To wrap up the year, we're updating you on some stories that we've covered in the past.

Can you believe 2021 is over already? Time truly flies when you're having fun... and also when you're not... but we hope that your year was full of fun despite the general circumstances. 

To wrap up the year, we are tying up some loose ends left by stories that we've previously covered, including Indigenous fishing rights and conflict on the east coast, the actions of the Canadian Energy Centre, climate education in Alberta, and melting ice! 

Over the next month, we will be airing these past stories as we take a break to get ready for 2022. So, if you were particularly interested in any of the updates shared in this episode, make sure you stay tuned throughout January! If you want to check out the older episodes now, here are the links:
From the whole Terra Informa team, have a happy holidays and a great end to the year!

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