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June 2021 News Roundup

We're back from our break with your monthly environmental news roundup for the month of June.

There's Something In The Water Revisited

We're still on a break - today we're revisiting an episode from 2020 about environmental racism in Nova Scotia.

Cycling and the Environment Revisited

June is Bike Month! During this archive break we are celebrating bike month with a revisit of an episode from 2020, talking about the environmental benefits of cycling and some of the challenges to keeping roads bike ready year-round.

CSL Documentary: Outdoor Gardens - What They Bring to Edmontonians

This week we’re bringing you a documentary where CSL students Brook Kelela and Ashley Krehut explore the significance of outdoor gardens in our communities. Listen in for discussions of food security, food sovereignty, and more!

May 2021 News Roundup

This week, we round up environmental news headlines from the month of May.


Have you planted a garden yet this spring? This week, we're talking about seeds, seed saving, and how these tiny little packages can create a deeper connection to our food, the process of growing it, and who grows it.

Crackin' a Cold One (sustainably)

As the days get longer and the time to sit out on the patio (at least in pre-covid times, please enjoy at home) starts, here at Terra Informa we are talking (and drinking) beer.

Water Rights and Relationship with Dr. Leila Harris

This week on Terra Informa we talk water, rights, and relationships (human-environment) with Dr. Leila Harris, UBC!

A Warming World

This week we explore the life-altering impacts 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius of warming will have on our blue planet, based on the 2018 IPCC Special Report.

April 2021 News Roundup

This week the Terra Informers bring you April's environmental news headlines.

Ghost Orchid Hunters!

On this episode of Ghost Hunters... got you! It's Terra Informa. This week we were inspired to learn more about the elusive and enchanting Ghost Orchid, a rare species of orchid that grows in the swamp forests of Florida.

Houseplants, Green Spaces, & Our Health

This week we explore the calming and restorative effects of all things green, from houseplants to public green spaces.

Terra Misinforma 2021

A mysterious tape has been found in the woods, and this week, we're playing it for you. Get ready for some shocking insights into how life on this planet may have began.

March 2021 News Roundup

The Terra Informa team covers environmental news you may have missed from the month of March.

Fisheries Coexistence on the Great Slave Lake

This week we are continuing the conversation on Indigenous-led fisheries management in Canada with a look at K'atl'odeeche First Nation fishers and the Great Slave Lake commercial fishery.

Indigenous Fishing Livelihoods in Atlantic Canada

This week on Terra Informa we investigate Indigenous-led approaches to fisheries management and the case of the Sipekne'katik First Nation moderate livelihood fishery.

Urban Beekeeping

In this episode, we learn all about urban beekeeping with expert hive manager, David Whitaker.

February 2021 News Roundup

This week on Terra Informa, we recap some of the most notable news stories of adversity and resilience from across Turtle Island.

Revisiting The Energy War Room: A Deep Dive into the Canadian Energy Centre Ltd.

This week we revisit The Energy War Room: A Deep Dive into the Canadian Energy Centre Ltd (February 3, 2020).

XC Ski With Me

This week Terra Informer Charlotte Thomasson takes us cross-country skiing and inspires us to find the beauty in winter.

Reimagining Futures with Climate Fiction

This week, the Terra Informers discuss the genre of climate fiction and share the reading lists that are helping them ease of the uncertainty of our climate future.

Tying up Loose Ends: January 2021 News Roundup

It's our first episode of 2021! We're catching you up on some of the environmental headlines we've been following over the last few months.

Treaty, Climate Change, and Relationships to the Land: Revisted

This week, we revisit an archive episode from May 2019.

CBC Change the Debate Revisted

This week, we are airing an archive episode from July 2019.

Beyond Blathers Takeover: Scorpions

The Beyond Blathers team is back! This week, they're teaching us about scorpions.

De-extinction Revisted

This week, we're re-airing an archive episode about de-extinction from 2019, created by Sofia Osborne.

Looking Back on the Light and Dark in 2020

This week we’re taking a look back at the past year, to talk about the light and dark, both literally and figuratively.

Christmas Trees: Then and Now

This week on Terra Informa, we dive deep into the past and present of December's most popular houseplant - the Christmas tree.

The 2020 EuroBirdoVision Identification Competition

Is it a bird... or is it a band? This week, the Terra Informers find out.

Communicating the Science Behind the Biofluorescent Platypus

This week, the Terra Informa team learns about science communication, and practices their new skills by explaining the science behind biofluorescence in platypuses.

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