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Christmas Trees: Then and Now

This week on Terra Informa, we dive deep into the past and present of December's most popular houseplant - the Christmas tree.

The 2020 EuroBirdoVision Identification Competition

Is it a bird... or is it a band? This week, the Terra Informers find out.

Communicating the Science Behind the Biofluorescent Platypus

This week, the Terra Informa team learns about science communication, and practices their new skills by explaining the science behind biofluorescence in platypuses.

News Roundup November 2020

On this month's news roundup, we're covering some of this year's most notable natural disasters.

The Line with Anthony Goertz

This week, Hannah Cunningham speaks with filmmaker Anthony Goertz about The Line, a film about the people who sort Edmontonians' trash.

Beyond Blathers Takeover

In this episode, Sofia Osborne and Olivia Debourcier treat us to an episode of their Animal Crossing-inspired podcast; Beyond Blathers.

Special Edition Trivia Episode!

Listen to some of the Terra Informa team tackle trivia about plants, animals, and.... our own show??

Scara Informa Spooks Again

It's that time of year again - Scara Informa is back!

Film Discussion: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

This week, Terra Informers discuss the 1984 Hayao Miyazaki film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

More Than A Game

Is the Sims more than a game? Can you "play with life" and raise awareness about eco-capitalism and the climate crisis at the same time? Catch up with Terra Informa alum Sofia Osborne as she fills us in on a story published in Passage Magazine, originally inspired by an episode pitch made while a member of the TI team.

News Roundup September 2020

We're back from our fall break! This week, we're catching you up on the environmental news you may have missed while we were away.

Archive: Farming in Canada's North

This week, we're airing an archive episode from April 2018.

Archive: Investigating in Alberta

This week, we're airing an archive episode from January 2019.

Archive: Reframing

This week, we're airing an archive episode from July 2019.

Archive: Words, Words, Words

This week, we're airing an archive from February 2017.

Archive: Canadian Curriculums in the Face of Climate Change

We're taking a fall break! This week, we revisit an archive from September 2019.

A little update from the team

We're taking a break! Catch you October 12 with a brand new episode!

Speak for Trees

This week, we ask; when trouble arises, who speaks for the trees?

News Roundup August 2020

Terra Informa's roundup of positive environmental news and stories.

Lichen, Caribou, & Science Communication

This week, Andrea Miller debuts her news training piece. She sits down with Ashley Hillman to discuss her research on lichen and how it is an essential part of the ever elusive and endangered woodland caribou. Tune in to hear more!

Alberta's Orphan Wells

This week, Terra Informers Sonak Patel and Skylar Lipman, joined by two special guests, discuss orphan wells in Alberta. What are they? How do they happen? Why are they a problem?

What's your conservation inspiration?

Critical thought on the idea and history of conservation, and some reflections on our own personally significant places and species.

News Roundup July 2020

Terra Informa's July news roundup of energy-themed headlines.

There’s Something in the Water - A Dive into Environmental Racism in the African Nova Scotian Diaspora

Recently, some of the Terra Informers watched the documentary “There's something in the water”.

History of the Edmonton River Valley Part II

Terra Informers Sonak Patel and Elizabeth Dowdell discuss the history of the Edmonton River Valley and discuss its future. Part 2 of 2.

History of the Edmonton River Valley Part I

Terra Informers Sonak Patel and Elizabeth Dowdell discuss key points in how the Edmonton River Valley came to be what it is today, shedding new light on the old valley. Part 1 of 2.

From the Archives: Revisiting Indigenous Resistance

This week we’re taking a journey into our archives to be reminded of the devastating impacts of resource extraction projects on Indigneous communities here in Alberta and around the world - and the resistance to that colonial and unlawful extraction.

Queerness and the Environment

This week, we are exploring the relationship between queer people and the natural environment. Kevin McBean will share with us his experience as a gay man, an outdoor enthusiast, and a member of the board of directors of Camp Maskepetoon.

The Whale and the Raven Film Discussion

The Terra Informa crew discusses the 2019 film "The Whale and the Raven."

News Roundup June 2020

A deep-dive into recent environmental news headlines from Alberta and introduction to the relationship between racism and environmental issues.

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