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Fun Guys Looking at Fungi

This week on Terra Informa we jump into the giant world of the fungi kingdom. Charlotte Thomasson sings a song, and interviews Josh Smith and Mike Schultz, members of the Alberta Mycological Society. Daniel Pietraszewski shares a fun story about Vilna, AB. You're not going to want to miss this.

Communicating Energy Systems with Dr. Valerie Miller

This week, we’re learning how effective energy communication is bridging disciplinary boundaries, connecting people to all parts of our energy system, and leading to impactful changes through the University of Alberta research group, Future Energy Systems.

Beyond Blathers Takeover: Clownfish

This week we're welcoming back our friends Sofia and Olivia from Beyond Blathers to teach us about the clownfish!

Scara Informa 2021 - Terra Informa Investigates: Who Killed the Dodo?

It's the return of Scara Informa! This year, we present Terra Informa Investigates, where a suspiciously familiar detective digs into one of the oldest cold cases of our time - who killed the dodo?

October 2021 News Roundup

It's the end of the month - time for another roundup of environmental news headlines!

Discussing In the Land of Dreamers

This week, we discuss In the Land of Dreamers, a film about an undeveloped area of land in northern British Columbia called the Muskwa-Kechika.

Fat Bear Week 2021

Introducing... the fat bears of Katmai National Park!

September 2021 News Roundup

We're back with the environmental news headlines you may have missed from the month of September!

Revisiting Eco-anxiety and the Climate Strike

We're on a fall break! In this archive episode, we're revisiting the topic of eco-anxiety and the feelings that drive collective climate action from the 2019 Climate Strike.

Beyond Blathers: Pondskater

Beyond Blathers is filling in for us while we're on a fall break!

Revisiting Cycling and a Couple of Queers

We're on a fall break! This is an archive episode from June 2019.

Revisiting Canadian Curriculum and Climate Organizing

We're on a fall break! In this archive episode, we're revisiting an episode from September 2019 about Canadian curriculums and youth organizing for climate change.

August 2021 News Roundup

We've got your end-of-summer roundup of environmental news headlines you might have missed!

Fashion and Sustainability with Dr. Anne Bissonnette

What's more comfortable than leggings? Sustainability! This week we’re speaking with Dr. Anne Bissonnette, a professor and fashion historian currently based at the University of Alberta, about sustainability in the fashion industry especially with regards to fast fashion and athleisure.

Resource Extraction & Hope: The Lorax Discussion

Join us this week as we discuss Dr. Suess' The Lorax, resource extraction, and hope in environmental children's stories.

The Evolution of Climate Language

Climate change doesn't communicate itself. This week, Terra Informers Sonak Patel and Elizabeth Dowdell trace the evolution of climate change language and discuss how to meaningfully communicate the climate crisis.

Cryptozoology and Conservation

Do you believe in Bigfoot? The Ogopogo? The Loch Ness Monster? This week, Terra Informers Curt Blandy and Sofia Osborne dive into the world of cryptozoology to see how the hunt for cryptids could potentially help real-life conservation.

July 2021 News Roundup

Get your monthly environmental news update for July 2021!

Heat Wave Hive Inspection

This episode we visit past Terra Informer Dylan Hall for a honeybee hive inspection and to talk about the impact of high heat events on beehives and other important pollinator insects.

CSL Documentary: Looking Fly - The Inside Scoop on Insect Protein

This week, we're bringing you a CSL documentary by Nhu Ho and Bethany Godreau. The pair take a deep dive into the wide world of insect protein and investigate how producers are working to bring these proteins closer to home.

Pandemic Walks

Have you been getting out for a daily walk during Covid? For many people, these "pandemic walks" have been a salve in a time of constant upheaval and uncertainty. This week, we investigate how getting out into nature helps mental health, especially in these troubling times.

June 2021 News Roundup

We're back from our break with your monthly environmental news roundup for the month of June.

There's Something In The Water Revisited

We're still on a break - today we're revisiting an episode from 2020 about environmental racism in Nova Scotia.

Cycling and the Environment Revisited

June is Bike Month! During this archive break we are celebrating bike month with a revisit of an episode from 2020, talking about the environmental benefits of cycling and some of the challenges to keeping roads bike ready year-round.

CSL Documentary: Outdoor Gardens - What They Bring to Edmontonians

This week we’re bringing you a documentary where CSL students Brook Kelela and Ashley Krehut explore the significance of outdoor gardens in our communities. Listen in for discussions of food security, food sovereignty, and more!

May 2021 News Roundup

This week, we round up environmental news headlines from the month of May.


Have you planted a garden yet this spring? This week, we're talking about seeds, seed saving, and how these tiny little packages can create a deeper connection to our food, the process of growing it, and who grows it.

Crackin' a Cold One (sustainably)

As the days get longer and the time to sit out on the patio (at least in pre-covid times, please enjoy at home) starts, here at Terra Informa we are talking (and drinking) beer.

Water Rights and Relationship with Dr. Leila Harris

This week on Terra Informa we talk water, rights, and relationships (human-environment) with Dr. Leila Harris, UBC!

A Warming World

This week we explore the life-altering impacts 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius of warming will have on our blue planet, based on the 2018 IPCC Special Report.

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